R&G Face Serum And Face Wash Review

Hello, guys welcome to my new blog, here I am doing a new review about the R&G face serum and face wash. I will do a review of two products today from R&G i.e. face serum and face wash for brightening your skin.

About The R&G Brand

Vasu healthcare, with its rich culture and deeply rooted legacy since 1980, was established with one aim to give society good quality herbal and ayurvedic products.


Vitamin c, ferulic acid, and natural moisturizing factors.

Vitamin C- has antioxidants that give your skin a brightening effect.
Ferulic Acid – fades dark spot, even skin tone, reducing fine line, smooth and healthy skin.

R&G Face Serum

Product detail:

Expertly formulated with the most stable derivative of vitamin-c, this fast-absorbing face serum is fortified with Niacinamide, Ferulic acid, and natural moisturizing factors, which work synergistically to help boost collagen synthesis thereby reducing fine lines & wrinkles. It fades dark spots, even skin tones and helps promote visibly radiant, smoother, and healthier-looking skin.

Price: – 699
Quantity: – 25 ml
R&G is founded with a passion for environmentalism, a commitment to wellness,
and a dedication to only the best skincare routine.
R&G vitamin c face serum gives skin brightening, aids in fading dark spots & even skin tone.

Here I am sharing my personal experience with this product.

My experience after using R&G Face Serum

R&G face serum bottle comes in a glass bottle with a cap. A dropper also comes with the serum bottle. When you need to use the serum just open the cap and take one or two drops of serum on your cheeks and apply gently on your face with your fingers. The serum is transparent in color and has a running consistency. The packaging of the product is travel-friendly.
I use it on daily basis for my morning and night skincare routine. Before using the serum it’s better if you apply the skin toner first on your face. I take 2 or 3 drops of serum on my cheeks and apply it to my full face. It has a very light consistency which is absorbed quickly by your skin.
All skin types can use it if you have dry skin you can apply moisturizer after applying the serum. It fades blemishes, dark spots, and uneven skin tone. It gives you healthy bright skin

R&G Face Wash

Product details:

Regular exposure to pollution and stress makes our skin look dull and darker. The R&G face wash is fortified with potent ingredients like licorice, cucumber, niacinamide, protamine B5, and Glycolic acid, to cleanse and remove dead skin cells, which helps reduce pigmentation and dullness to uncover healthy, younger, and brighter skin.
Price:- 249
Quantity:- 75 ml
My experience after using this product
The R&G face wash comes in a baby pink colored tube and the cap of the tube is golden in color. The color of the face wash is baby pink and its consistency is like gel. Take a little amount of face wash and gently massage it on the wet face to make nice foams. Then wash it off with water.
I wash my face with R & G face wash two times a day i.e. morning and night before going to bed. I have dry skin especially in winter; after using this face wash, my skin doesn’t feel dry but feels soft and glowing. However, It suits all types of skin.
R&G face wash cleanses, exfoliates, and brightens the skin. It also removes dead skin cells, helps to reduce pigmentation & dullness to uncover healthy, younger, and brighter skin.

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Product Link: https://bit.ly/3n6waue

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