Face cover with Eye makeup

use face mask to stay safe from covid

Every woman loves makeup she wants to look beautiful and safe in the corona 2020. It is very important to cover your face with a mask in covid time. You can wear a mask with beautiful eye makeup. Wearing a fashionable face mask and beautiful eye makeup is the perfect way to boost your confidence.

We should protect ourselves and others from the coronavirus. But if you are a big makeup fan, wearing a mask can make you question how to cover your face with makeup and your makeup will stay long-lasting with a face mask. I show you four eye makeup looks with a face mask.

Wing Eyeliner

I am a kajal and liner lover. You can use liquid liner, gel liner, Sketch liner to create your wing liner on your eyes. Wing liner helps to shape your eyes and gives your eyes the center of attention. You want your eyes to look more beautiful you wear contact lenses and apply false lashes or mascara. You brush your brows and set with a gel, trimming and plucking your eyebrows if required. Now you can use an animal print mask.

Eye-shadow match with a mask

You can create this eye look with a mask. Mix and match eye shadow and mask. You apply this eye shadow on your eyelid area very carefully. You should use a cream base eyeshadow with a flat eyeliner brush or concealer brush.

Smokey Eye look

Smokey eye looks when you want something new try this smokey eye look with a mask. Take a dark blue color from your eyeshadow palette to blend your crease line and apply the outer corner of your eyes. Same color use in your waterline. Apply a second layer of blue shimmer eyeshadow on your eyelid area. Apply waterproof mascara on your eyelashes.

Graphic Eye Makeup

Graphic eyeliner, Take one black sketch liner and draw a line on your crease line. You create three zig-zag lines in your eye’s outer corner. Apply pink shimmer eyeshadow for graphic eye makeup. You can use false eyelashes.

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